Chicago, September 25th, 2017 – InfoReach Inc. has announced cash treasuries as the latest addition to their Trade Management System (TMS). This will further enhance their presence in the fixed incomespace. By combining their trading technology with the availability of FIX support in this product, InfoReach continues to provide its clients with a broad scope of products and technology available for all trading needs.

At the time of Publication, InfoReach was already integrated with multiple electronic treasury dealers. Both the RFQ and the streaming quote models are supported. TMS displays a combined book of quotes for treasuries allowing traders to have a view of the available marketplace.

InfoReach Inc. CEO, Allen Zaydlin commented, “We are proud to bring the automation capability of our execution management system to treasuries trading at the levels previously available to equities, futures, options and forex.” As FIX support for fixed income products expands, InfoReach is intent to provide TMS’s unprecedented level of functionality to this market. InfoReach is currently in the process of integrating with more providers to enhance this offering and is prepared to integrate with any provider InfoReach customers may require.

About InfoReach

InfoReach is an independent provider of multi- and cross-asset, broker-neutral solutions for electronic, algorithmic and high-frequency trade analysis, management and execution of global equities, futures, options and forex. We deliver high-performance technology with high-touch assistance and support.

Our signature is functional depth, flexibility and enterprise-strength performance, with intelligent adaptability for future needs. All made possible by a meticulously-crafted architecture that was built from the ground up to be scalable, multi-asset and fully customizable. It’s technology that’s engineered to grow with you, without compromises.

Our hallmark is accelerated time to market. While robust functionality is already built in, our technologyis configurable to deliver customer-unique adaptations without adding development time and costs. In fact, we lead the industry with an average deployment time of 3 weeks.

In a word, efficiency is the driving core, devotion and promise of InfoReach.

For more than 20 years, InfoReach has helped clients improve their trade execution process and performance with efficient design and support. We streamline their workflow and allow them to rapidly respond to market opportunities by consolidating all the trading tools, global market connectivity and execution capabilities that they need in a single system. And we back it with the unparalleled reliability and service that is synonymous with our name.

InfoReach serves institutions worldwide, large and small, buy-side and sell-side. Each client solution is tailored to accommodate both their current and future needs. Because we know the day will come when they need more–and we’ll have their silver bullet ready.

Founded in 1995, InfoReach is a privately-held company that has never had to seek financing. Yet we consistently have achieved record revenue growth and net profits, year after year. Because our passion for efficiency also extends to our business and our people!

InfoReach is headquartered in Chicago, and employs more than 50 industry professionals in offices throughout the United States and Europe. Our proactive staff has the training and market experience to provide clients with a consistently excellent level of service. With an international reputation for honesty, integrity and commitment to customers, they’re at the heart of how InfoReach solutions maximize efficiency and profitability for our clients. Visit

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