InfoReach Global FIX Network

The global InfoReach FIX Network was designed to handle extremely high volumes of orders, amends and executions generated algorithmically by the InfoReach TMS and other robust trading platforms.

High-throughput connectivity

InfoReach TMS offers an unprecedented level of functionality and power to trading desks, it also can be configured to deliver just a subset of required features.

Reliable infrastructure

IFN’s high-availability system architecture, multiple gateways/hubs and redundant network infrastructure ensure reliability for your trading operations. And you enjoy exceptional functionality and performance.

Instantly adjusting

While other routing networks have to manually adjust their configuration to handle custom parameters (such as a new algorithm), IFN is built to automatically and instantly pass through any changes in user-defined fields.

Distinctive multi-hub model eliminates bottlenecks

IFN provides multiple connections (hubs) via individual broker gateways. Trading participants can send orders and receive executions concurrently, thus ensuring greater throughput and faster market access.

Spares your firm the hassles of network administration

The InfoReach FIX Network offers complete FIX administration, connectivity management and 24/7 global support. All provided by an experienced FIX networking team who relieves your organization of the technical workload and burden of responsibility.

As an added benefit, IFN continually monitors network connectivity and notifies traders in real time whenever a trading destination in the network becomes unavailable-regardless of order status. Traders immediately can redirect orders to an available broker/destination.

Fast, easy and cost-effective global order routing

Ideal for firms who want the benefits of a high-performance FIX messaging infrastructure and with broker-neutral connectivity at an affordable price, the InfoReach FIX Network is available for immediate deployment.

IFN boasts an order-routing network of more than 140 brokers, ECNs and other sources of global liquidity for equities, options and futures trading, and 15 of the world’s largest FX dealers and banks. So you can quickly enter the global FIX trading community with a minimum of time and cost.

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