Low-Latency FIX Engine - Financial Information Exchange Protocol Engine

InfoReach FIX Engine

InfoReach FIX Engine is an enterprise-strength solution for companies that plan to use the FIX protocol for electronic financial information exchange and Straight Through Processing (STP). InfoReach FIX Engine consists of a FIX Messaging Library and a stand-alone FIX Server.


Client applications can communicate with the FIX engine(s) locally (in-process) or remotely (out-of-process). Also, client applications can use local and remote engines at the same time. You can distribute InfoReach FIX Engines across a network of computers creating a FIX Engine Domain.


InfoReach FIX Engine hides the complexity of its distributed deployment. It provides a single point of APIs entry for client applications. Client applications can access any FIX session that runs on any of the FIX engines distributed across your network.


Our product handles high volumes of message flow across multiple connections. We achieve this high level of efficiency by combining a high-speed multi-threaded engine with a framework that allows distribution of engines across a network of computers.

Configure FIX Engines
You can view either real-time or archived FIX messages. This helps you to quickly identify and resolve any issues with transactions.
Customize FIX Protocol
Create you custom “FIX flavors”. FIX Metadata Editor is a convenient way of managing user-defined, as well as protocol-standard FIX fields, and FIX messages.
Investigate FIX Messages
Monitor in real-time or search the database for FIX messages and retrieve their transaction history using custom queries.

Integrate with Anything

Java, C++ and GRPC APIs

Technical information


The customer can take full control of recovery. Since the FIX Engine state is persisted, an application environment management system can automatically restart the engine on a backup system; or if preferred, the support staff can restart it manually.

Centrally Configured and Monitored:

The entire FIX Engine Network can be controlled and monitored using Engine View GUI tool.

Integration Services:

The team of InfoReach engineers can perform the required product integration/development or provide general implementation guidance.


Two or more FIX Engines grouped into a fault tolerant cluster can provide an engine’s automatic self-recovery. The engine detects a failure condition, and automatically recovers by designating an instance in the cluster to be the new primary. The active FIX Client Engine connections are then re-established automatically.

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System extensibility:

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