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For over 28 years InfoReach has enjoyed having hedge funds, asset manager, pension funds, broker dealers and other institutional investors as part of its loyal client community.

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Our clever software is only as good as the people behind it. Our staff – some have been with us for over twenty years – know (almost) everything there is to know about our software. Our enterprise architecture is under continuous process improvement, thanks in part to our customers, with whom we work closely and whose feedback we value. We are here for you right from the start.

Unique us for unique you

High-Touch Support

Supported by engineers who know you and your business.


Flexible and customized systems are tailored to fit your business needs.

Rich Functionality

InfoReach products offer an unprecedented level of functionality and power to trading desks


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… we are considering Inforeach as the best external provider we ever had to deal with, as simple as that. Support is second to none and the same thing for technical expertise.

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The level of technical support provided by InfoReach in assisting the configuration and testing was outstanding and in sharp contrast to other experiences.

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You are probably aware but what we asked for has been delivered (Unix GUI). Testing has been pretty smooth so far on our end. Although I did thank the team already, I just wanted to make sure you all know our level of satisfaction with the support we are getting is very high. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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We would like to let you know that while we do expect our vendors to perform, the performance of InfoReach employees and as a company during Phase I integration and rollout were exemplary. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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You & and whole Inforeach team are fantastic.

Truly differentiated products and service!

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wanted to let you all know that we are considering the migration out of our [OMS Vendor name redacted] into InfoReach project completed on our side.

In name of BTG, I would like to thank you all – we know a lot of people worked behind the scenes  –  and a special mention to @Nick for the work on all the connectivity (and it was a lot of connections!!)

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InfoReach TMS is fully configurable and customizable OEMS for buy-side, on-site installation or hosted.

The InfoReach TMS offers high-performance, low-latency access to more than 140 brokers, ECNs, MTFs, exchanges, ATSs, dark pools and other major sources of global liquidity for electronic and automated trading of equities, options, futures forex and fixed income.


Our trade management software provides sell-side trading desks with the technology and tools to take client orders and baskets through the most efficient execution cycle.

Beginning with pre-trade analysis of a client’s intended orders, the InfoReach Sell-side TMS for broker-dealers tightly wraps the trade execution cycle from order acceptance to execution and allocation.

Case Studies


Annual Cost Decrease

TMS saves a global broker-dealer $1M annually

InfoReach implemented TMS for the Customer globally. The new solution provided the Customer with Single order and basket execution management system to facilitate all main trading processes. It Reduced the annual costs of 3rd party execution and order management technology by over 30%. It also reduced the number of computer servers from 90 to under 20, saving the Customer an additional $1M annually.


Annual cost decrease

Saving $1M/year

Reduced computer servers number by 70

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Saved over five years

Delivered in record time

InfoReach successfully delivered TMS for the Customer in record time, considering the scope of the custom development we had to undertake.
As a result, the customer avoided signing a five-year license agreement with the outgoing vendor (worth $2.5M over five years), whose system had stopped meeting the Customer’s demands due to the lack of quality support.

Saved $2.5M/5 years

Rolling out the Cash Desk implementation/3 months

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TMS saves a global broker-dealer $1M annually

Delivered in record time

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