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For many years, the Customer had been utilizing various trading platforms, including InfoReach products. The Customer initially implemented InfoReach TMS as a stronger performing and more functional alternative to their existing 3rd party EMS. This EMS was used as their North American algorithmic platform and a more advanced program trading EMS option for the newly started program European and Asian program trading desks. The Customer continued to operate another vendor’s OMS for their cash trading desk until the diminished quality of the vendor’s support coupled with the increased minimum software contract term swayed the Customer’s determination to re-deploy their global Cash Desk trading operation with InfoReach. At that point, we had only 3 months to roll out the Cash Desk implementation for the Customer before the hard stop date imposed by the existing trading vendor.

Strategy and solution

With a limited amount of time for this project, we had to make sure that the Customer established a distinct order of priorities. A step-by-step functionality walk-through with the traders and a detailed analysis of the middle-office real-time transaction reporting requirements with the Customer’s technology team produced a thorough and actionable list of the items we needed to configure and develop.

Because our technical resources were evenly distributed across European and US offices we were able to focus on the implementation and configuration of new functionality within TMS for the Cash Desk nearly 24 hours around the clock.


InfoReach successfully delivered TMS for the Customer in record time, considering the scope of the custom development we had to undertake. As a result, the customer avoided signing a five-year license agreement with the outgoing vendor (worth $2.5M over five years), whose system had stopped meeting the Customer’s demands due to the lack of quality support.


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