InfoReach Offers Brokereach, Web-Based EMS, Product for Free as a Back-Up Trading Solution

Chicago, April 7th, 2020 – Many organizations have found gaps in their business continuity plans (BCP) and Pandemic Response Plans as a result of their response to Covid-19. InfoReach has stepped forward with its Brokereach product to help clients and other industry members plug at least one of those gaps. Brokereach is a web-based EMS that supports FIX trading. One function it serves is as a back-up trading system.

Traders need a way to access the markets in all conditions, and as we see now from non-traditional locations. As people were forced to begin working remotely, the industry hurriedly attempted to accommodate traders working remotely for the first time. For some, this meant new IP permissions, VPNs, and remote systems had to be put in place.

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InfoReach recently enhanced Brokereach, a web-based EMS. Brokereach is an easy to use web-based dashboard that connects to brokers via FIX. The system is accessible with the user name and password authentication from anywhere the trader can access the internet. It can be accessed via Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and MS Edge (Chromium) or on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The latest version supports custom layouts for traders to build personalized workspaces including different GUI styles. Brokereach supports the certified algos matching the offering from InfoReach TMS.

Brokereach is extremely easy to onboard. Traders create a new user for free on the website and quickly gain access to the tool. From there, they request access to their broker-dealer for FIX execution. The broker will approve access for the trader and a small connection fee. Brokereach is already integrated with a long list of brokers.

Brokers can also white-lable Brokereach for their clients, allowing them to receive FIX orders from clients anywhere in the world.

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InfoReach is an independent provider of multi-asset broker-neutral software solutions for electronic trading, including OMS and EMS platforms for global equitiesfuturesoptionsforex, and fixed income. The InfoReach team delivers high-performance technology with high-touch support. The buy-side and sell-side client systems are tailored to accommodate current and future needs. They are configurable to deliver unique adaptations without adding development time and costs.

For more than 20 years, InfoReach has helped clients to improve their trade execution process and performance with efficient design and support of consolidated trading tools and global connectivity network.

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