InfoReach TMSbd is a No Commitment Alternative to the Sunsetting Bloomberg SSEOMS Product

As reported on Thursday April 4th, 2019 by, Bloomberg will be closing down the SSEOMS product line in the next two years. For many this means a new system is needed, and TMSbd, InfoReach’s sell-side EOMS, is poised to offer solutions for those that desire a dedicated Sell-Side EOMS product.

InfoReach TMSbd offers no upfront costs and a one month trial for customers transitioning to the system. “We want to give people the opportunity to see what we have to offer without a big commitment getting in the way of the transition” said Allen Zaydlin, InfoReach’s CEO.

  • No Upfront Cost
  • No Commitment
  • No IT Burden

TMSbd is a global multi-asset order and execution management system designed for sell-side operation. InfoReach is integrated with multiple market data providers, including Bloomberg B-Pipe, SAPI, and Bloomberg Terminal. Additionally InfoReach is integrated with Bloomberg for IOIs and for order entry from EMSX and Tradebook.

The InfoReach Sell Side solution comes with the same support and flexibility that InfoReach has brought to bear for its clients throughout their 20+ years of experience. With systems designed for scalability and configuration, InfoReach is able to onboard and meet the needs of new clients efficiently and effectively, making TMSbd the perfect system for any firm, whether in need of replicating an existing workflow or looking to implement a new one from scratch. The bar is set high for anyone that wishes to compete with the customization capabilities of InfoReach and its robust offering of products.

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About InfoReach

InfoReach is an independent provider of multi-asset broker-neutral software solutions for electronic trading, including OMS and EMS platforms for global equitiesfuturesoptionsforex, and fixed income. InfoReach team delivers high-performance technology with high-touch support. The buy-side and sell-side client systems are tailored to accommodate current and future needs. They are configurable to deliver unique adaptations without adding development time and costs.

For more than 20 years, InfoReach has helped clients to improve their trade execution process and performance with efficient design and support of consolidated trading tools and global connectivity network.

InfoReach is a privately-held company headquartered in Chicago, with offices in New York and Amsterdam. For more information, visit For announcements and more information follow us on Twitter @InfoReach and check our blog.

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