Dear trading industry professional:

We are happy to send you our first Newsletter, a quick overview about what is happening at InfoReach. In the past year, we have added several clients including one of the largest global asset management firms in the industry. We have also begun working with several brokers with plans to build out high frequency algorithmic deployments across multiple asset classes. In addition to our tremendous growth, we also now offer our clients the ability to trade fixed income products via our FIX network which has well over 200 connections including the recent addition of eSpeed. Many new exciting projects and challenges have come our way, and much of our growth can be attributed to the addition of new functionality and expansion of our broker network.

Please read on and you’ll discover what’s new at InfoReach:

Multi-legged order functionality

Users of the InfoReach TMS and InfoReach Prelude trading platforms can execute complex and cross-asset futures and options trades with minimal latency via the InfoReach FIX Network (IFN). The new functionality supports both manual and algorithmic trading and even allows traders to modify multi-leg algo orders to take advantage of changing market trends. The InfoReach EMSs come loaded with various strategies, including Box, Butterfly, Calendar Spread, Diagonal Spread, Vertical Spread, STK/OPT, Straddle, Strangle and Condor.

We think this will give you much more flexibility and opportunities in implementing automated strategies.

InfoReach enhances risk control tools

The tool offers the ability to monitor and control risk in real time across a broad spectrum of firm-specific requirements for multiple asset classes. Configurable pre-defined risk checks trigger alerts, allowing users to adjust trades or block the release of non-compliant orders.

For firms using more than one trading platform trading through multiple brokers, the InfoReach risk limits component can be used to aggregate risk globally across asset classes and trade execution platforms.

InfoReach CEO, Allen Zaydlin, said “These automated risk controls make it possible for our buy- and sell-side clients to quickly and seamlessly apply a hierarchy of safeguards and oversight to all their electronic trading across asset classes.”

“We’re empowering them to identify risk as well as arrest or control it on a real-time basis.”

Second Opinion: A new approach to transaction cost analysis (TCA)

The InfoReach “Second Opinion” service integrates pre-trade and historical transaction cost analysis with real-time analytics to predict market impact and opportunity costs for moment-by-moment market conditions. Unlike typical transaction cost models, the methodology factors in real-time trade and market variables, such as volume, volatility and market trends. Back testing reveals this can improve the accuracy of pre-trade analysis alone by as much as 12%.

Designed to be integrated with any trade execution system, Second Opinion first calculates pre-trade analysis, then monitors real-time markets and informs the trader of any changes in pre-trade assessments. Real-time analysis factors in exact market conditions as well as the progress of intended order execution. An interactive format enables traders to choose the best strategy at any point in time and adjust execution strategies even at the point of trade.

Second Opinion is available through the InfoReach Trade Management System (TMS) or via API. It can integrate TCA offerings from other providers, allowing users to see and compare trade assessments from multiple sources on one screen. And because Second Opinion is an independent, broker-neutral service, trading information remains confidential and protected from exposure to trading counterparties—unlike other pre-trade services that are web based.

TradeTech London 2013: Booth #87

We hope to welcome you at our booth again on 17th and 18th of April in London ( At booth #87 we will showcase our latest releases of our products and have a nice treat for you! If you are buy-side, please contact us and we can make sure you will get a big discount or a free ticket to the event.

Kindest regards from the InfoReach team!