NEW YORK, Jan. 30, 2007 — A new partnership is set to make equities trading more efficient than ever. InfoReach, Inc. (, the leading portfolio trading technology provider, has formed a strategic alliance with Indii.Communications (, whose patent-pending, Web-based Indii system enables sell-side equity teams to communicate with their buy-side clients in real time via two-click threaded instant messages and chat keyed to IOIs and SPs.

Indii solves the problems with the current block trading systems by offering a simple-to-use and -understand window display that resides on the desktop of the user. All communications take place via the Internet in real time, and each user can utilize Indii’s unique intelligent instant messaging service to communicate more efficiently and effectively. What’s more, the solution is customizable, allowing clients to see the information most relevant to them.

“In a nutshell, Indii is a solution that integrates instant messaging with indications of interest for equity trading applications that resides on the desktop and utilizes real-time information,” explained Indii.Communications president Marshall Caro, who developed Indii. “Indii was created to allow sell-side equity teams to more effectively advertise their products and services to their buy-side clients.”

In addition to initiating and facilitating communication between the buy-side and the sell-side, Indii offers powerful research and workflow management capabilities. The system sorts and filters IOIs, SPs and trade ads with links to OMS for up-to-date blotter and holdings filtering. Indii also presents a current picture of who’s out, along with a searchable 365-day history. All instant messaging is tied to indications, allowing buyers to disclose interest to the sell-side with keyless, one-way trade entry and execution. And Indii’s integrated database automatically links customers to the sales coverage team and links sales traders to market makers by symbol.

It all adds up to a powerful, user-friendly addition to the already robust InfoReach TMS. Introduced nearly a decade ago, InfoReach TMS combines order entry, rule-based trading, order management and FIX connectivity in a single broker-neutral trading platform. In addition to block trading, InfoReach users can electronically execute, confirm and view FX trades, open positions, bookkeeping, balances and intra-day valuations 24 hours a day.

“By teaming up with Indii.Communications, InfoReach is in a position to offer the most complete equities trading technology solution on the market,” said Zaydlin. “We continually strive to deliver our products’ enterprise strength and flexibility to firms with little or no IT infrastructure. The addition of Indii aligns perfectly with that mission.”

About InfoReach, Inc.

Since 1995, InfoReach has focused on providing software solutions for the electronic trading of financial securities. The company’s open, scalable and flexible products for firm-wide order execution and management include InfoReach FIX Engine and InfoReach TMS. A wide variety of features, combined with committed support, have made InfoReach the technology of choice for many major buy- and sell-side financial institutions.


Mike Libecci
InfoReach, Inc.