NEW YORK, March 14, 2005 — In addition to the traditional trading platform payment structure, financial securities trading technology firm InfoReach, Inc. ( today unveiled a new concept in broker-neutral ASP trading systems: Pay-per-use.

The pay-per-use ASP will expand the InfoReach TMS suite delivery options, which already include an on-site deployment model and monthly fee ASP for firms that trade high volumes on a daily basis. By contrast, InfoReach ASP pay-per-use allows traders to access the system on demand. Instead of paying for an entire month of access or costly per-share fees, clients now have the option of paying a nominal flat fee only for the days they use the system – and, on those days, access is unlimited.

It’s a new paradigm for the industry, which has until now catered to large firms with high daily volumes. Though those firms will still be well served by the InfoReach ASP and on-site InfoReach servers, the pay-per-use pricing structure will allow traders who trade large volumes of equities, futures and options a few times a month to do so economically.

“We are frequently coming across firms whose strategies do not require them to trade on a daily basis,” explained InfoReach president Allen Zaydlin. “Therefore, maintaining an advanced trading system is not cost effective. The InfoReach ASP pay-per-use model bridges the gap for these traders.”

About InfoReach, Inc.

Since 1995, InfoReach has focused on providing leading software solutions for the electronic trading of financial securities. The company’s open, scalable and flexible products for firm-wide order execution and management include InfoReach FIX Engine and InfoReach TMS. A wide variety of features, combined with committed support, have made InfoReach the technology of choice for many major buy- and sell-side financial institutions.

About InfoReach TMS

TMS delivers an unprecedented level of functionality, flexibility and power to trading desks. It provides the ability to trade baskets and single orders of global equities, futures, options and FX either manually or algorithmically. Equipped with out-of-the-box strategies, TMS also serves as a platform for the rapid development of custom execution algorithms.

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