Brokereach Provides Robust, Single And Secure Point of Access To Multiple Brokers Trading Desks and Algorithmic Execution Services

New York, September 10, 2007 — InfoReach Inc, a leading provider of execution management service technology, today announced the launch of Brokereach,, an innovative cost-effective service that will offer a simple and intuitive web-based application to trade with multiple brokers while monitoring executions in real-time.

“Brokereach will provide a single, and secure point of access to various brokers’ trading desk and algorithmic execution services,” said Allen Zaydlin, CEO of InfoReach Inc. “Whether you’re trading baskets or single-orders, this very affordable, web-based execution management system will consolidate your executions across multiple venues in real-time.” “Its the perfect solution for the trader – all they need to do is create an account and then request connectivity to any number of brokers readily available on the network. For the broker, the process is very simple, algorithmic execution services are delivered quickly and effortlessly with no operational risk, offering a real competitive advantage.”

“This new service is a great example of the cutting-edge web based real-time innovation in electronic trading technology coming onto the market today’” said Guy Cirillo, Credit Suisse AES Global Channel Sales Manager.

“We think this is a win-win service for both the buy and the sell side, “There’s really no other service out there that allows you to connect so easily to as many brokers globally at no cost. “What also makes Brokereach so compelling is its ease of use, zero cost for staying connected to an unlimited number of brokers and the no-risk factor,” said Zaydlin.

As of today, users of Brokereach include; Credit Suisse, UBS and ITG, Jeffries, Lehman Brothers, CastleOak and TradeTrek Securities.

Features/Benefits of Brokereach:

  • Alternative to Instant Messenger (IM), email and phone
  • Single web access to multiple brokers’ desks and algorithmic services
  • Real-time, web-based order execution and monitoring
  • Trade single orders or baskets with just the click of a button
  • Serves as a free backup for existing trading system
  • Allows brokers to roll out new strategies immediately without waiting for EMS/OMS vendors to adapt
  • Can be utilized to reach brokers on a temporary basis while permanent connectivity is being worked on
  • Easy way of test-driving broker algorithms prior to committing to dedicated connectivity

About InfoReach

InfoReach is an innovative company focused on providing leading software solutions for the electronic trading of financial securities. Established in 1995, InfoReach promptly recognized industry technology trading trends and created its product line of the InfoReach FIX Engine (FIX protocol engine) and the InfoReach TMS (Trade Management System). InfoReach’s products are open, scalable and a flexible solution for firm-wide order execution and management.

An abundant array of features combined with committed support have made InfoReach the technology of choice for many major buy and sell side financial institutions.

InfoReach works with more than 60 of the largest financial institutions in the global marketplace and employs a staff of over 40 industry professionals in offices throughout the U.S. and Europe.


Jan Hunter
Hunter & Co Communications