New data center co-locations improve market access and reduce latency

Chicago, IL, USA, November 20, 2014—Global electronic trading technology provider InfoReach ( has opened three new data centers in strategic locations to offer clients faster and more efficient trading performance.

The co-locations at Equinix facilities in Chicago, Los Angeles and Frankfurt, Germany are in proximity to InfoReach client trading operations as well as to the market centers to which they route orders.  This enables InfoReach customers to achieve faster executions at key liquidity venues.

Clients also will benefit from the low-latency connectivity and worldwide access to key financial hubs and markets that the Equinix infrastructure offers.  A leading global provider of data center and colocation services, Equinix interconnects the largest collection of exchanges and trading platforms, market data vendors, a myriad of service providers, and hundreds of buy-side and sell-side firms from its high-tech financial services “ecosystem.”

InfoReach anticipates that its data center build-out will benefit trading clients of all styles and strategies.  ”Faster access to the markets can give traders an edge in highly competitive and fast‐moving markets,” explains InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin.  “It enables them to be the first to perceive and act on opportunities.”

Faster execution speeds also can translate into lower costs for the trader.   In Speed, Distance, and Electronic Trading: New Evidence on Why Location Matters (Journal of Financial Markets, 2010), authors Garvey and Wu conclude that “speed-advantaged traders experience lower transaction costs.”

InfoReach provides broker-neutral, multi-asset technology for global electronic trading and analysis.  Their TMS and Prelude trading platforms are architected to provide optimal execution, with connectivity to more than 140 brokers, ECNs, exchanges and other global sources of liquidity for equities, options, futures, fixed income and forex.  Clients can choose on-site installation or hosting at any of InfoReach’s global data centers.

About InfoReach

Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality, rapid implementation, proven reliability and a client-centric culture have made InfoReach the trading technology provider of choice for financial institutions around the world since 1995.  Our high-performance solutions help traders improve trade execution, manage portfolio and execution risk and determine optimal trading strategies.

Trade-ready for both buy- and sell-sides, the InfoReach Trade Management System (TMS) provides pre/in/post trade analysis, pre-built and broker-provided algorithms, real-time, interactive charts and position monitoring, portfolio trading capabilities, order management and FIX connectivity in a multi-broker execution management system.  An optional HiFREQ component supports low-latency, high-throughput trading across multiple asset classes.

Other solutions include our FIX Engine, the InfoReach FIX Network, Brokereach EMS/OMS backup service, Second Opinion™ transaction cost analysis service and Prelude, our lower-priced, hosted trading platform available on a risk-free, month-to-month basis.

Ideal for trading environments of all sizes, InfoReach products deliver enterprise-strength performance—without the need for firms to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure.  For more information, visit


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Anne Aldrich for InfoReach