Configurable, real-time risk checks protect against trading risk across markets, at multiple levels

Chicago, IL, January 22, 2013 — Recent multi-million dollar losses in the capital markets caused by technology glitches, erroneous trades and errant trader behavior have heightened demand for tools to control risk during the electronic trading process. Now global trading platform provider InfoReach ( offers the ability to monitor and control risk in real time across a broad spectrum of firm-specific requirements for multiple asset classes.

The risk limits component embedded within the InfoReach Trade Management and HiFREQ multi-broker trading systems covers orders originated manually, algorithmically, via API or via FIX. Pre-defined risk checks trigger alerts, allowing users to adjust trades or block the release of non-compliant orders. Risk limits can be established for such variables as users, categories, instrument, position, unit and destination (broker desk, algo and direct market access).

By employing the risk controls, trading firms can spot—and act upon—situations where the parties to a trade or the wider market could be adversely impacted by an intended order. For example, trade participants can:

  • Prevent fat-finger mistakes
  • Avoid adverse market impact by comparing the order against such metrics as the calculated average traded volume of the instrument
  • Check for duplicate, stale or runaway orders
  • Flag orders that exceed a broker’s own internal risk thresholds or those of a buy-side client
  • Check for an order that is entered in error or exceeds any kind of risk tolerance, such as taking out too large a position

Can aggregate risk across multiple trading platforms

For firms using more than one trading platform and/or trading through multiple brokers, the InfoReach risk limits component can be used to aggregate risk globally across asset classes and trade execution platforms. It integrates seamlessly with other trading platforms so that traders can continue to use their choice of trading technology.

“These automated risk controls make it possible for our buy- and sell-side clients to quickly and seamlessly apply a hierarchy of safeguards and oversight to all their electronic trading across asset classes,” comments InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin. “We’re empowering them to identify risk as well as arrest or control it on a real-time basis.”

About InfoReach

Comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality, rapid implementation, proven reliability and a client-centric culture have made InfoReach the trading technology provider of choice for financial institutions around the world since 1995. Our high-performance solutions help traders improve trade execution, manage portfolio and execution risk and determine optimal trading strategies.

Trade-ready for both buy- and sell-sides, the InfoReach Trade Management System (TMS) provides pre/in/post trade analysis, pre-built and broker-provided algorithms, real-time, interactive charts and position monitoring, portfolio trading capabilities, order management and FIX connectivity in a multi-broker execution management system. An optional HiFREQ component supports low-latency, high-throughput trading across multiple asset classes.

Other solutions include our FIX Engine, the InfoReach FIX Network, Brokereach EMS/OMS backup service, Second Opinion™ transaction cost analysis service and Prelude, our lower-priced, hosted trading platform available on a risk-free, month-to-month basis.

Ideal for trading environments of all sizes, InfoReach products deliver enterprise-strength performance—without the need for firms to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure.

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