Clients gain streamlined access to vital trading tools and data through single trading dashboard

Chicago, IL, August 28, 2013 — Clients of electronic trading technology provider InfoReach ( now can access two of the most popular tools in the global trading community directly from InfoReach trading platforms. New integration with the “R” programming language and a new interface for Bloomberg data fields eliminate the need for traders to toggle between software programs to view the information they need.

The open-source “R” programming language is swiftly emerging as the dominant cutting-edge software for quantitative finance and optimization. Designed expressly to analyze and display large amounts of data, R is now the most popular data analysis and visualization system with more than two million users worldwide. And a huge, open-source community has contributed hundreds of free functions and packages for R, including risk analysis, portfolio management, financial graphics, econometrics, financial data source connectivity, statistical analysis and visualizations.

InfoReach developed R compatibility to meet exploding demand by capital markets participants for R functionality within the trading platform. “Now our clients can access any bank of R language functions and implement R trading models directly from InfoReach TMS and Prelude trading platforms,” states InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin. “It’s a much more convenient and efficient process,” he explains.

The integration of Bloomberg data fields also was added to streamline trader workflow and boost efficiency. Traders now can now directly access any of Bloomberg’s dynamic and static fields (more than 50,000) from within their InfoReach trade blotter so they don’t have to switch trading dashboards.

“As long as users have a Bloomberg license and both systems run on the same computer, the interface is seamless,” comments Zaydlin. “And our compliance with Bloomberg market data entitlements eliminates the need for Bloomberg users to pay exchange market-data usage fees multiple times,” he adds.

The development is the latest in a long history of integration between InfoReach trading platforms and Bloomberg symbology and services. Prior integrations with Bloomberg solutions include real-time market data, algorithmic trading strategies, security master, historical tick data, Bloomberg Terminal’s Launchpad commands and Bloomberg’s Trading Solutions (AIM, SSEOMS and EMSX).

NOTE: To see an example of how InfoReach users can invoke an R function to visualize the performance of a VWAP algorithm, visit