CHICAGO, June 17, 2003 — HyperFeed Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: HYPR), a provider of Managed Exchange Platform Services (MEPS) and exchange information to exchanges, content providers, re-distributors, institutions, channel partners and value-added resellers, today announces that EGAR and InfoReach have joined its H!VE Program as Alliance Partners. H!VE Alliance Partners have software or desktop trading applications that can be populated by the exchange information component of HyperFeed’s MEPS, by direct exchange feeds or by proprietary information. Each H!VE Alliance Partner specializes in trading applications targeted to specific types of traders – from options to hedge funds.

“EGAR and InfoReach are each well-known brands in their own right, and offer best-in-class solutions for particular types of trading needs and trading styles,” said Randy Deihs, HyperFeed’s Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Partners.” Deihs further comments, “As we deploy our MEPS technologies in the industry, we are proud to offer the MEPS compatible applications of our alliance partners in a non-proprietary model that allows our customers to facilitate solutions that make sense for their own clients. And our customers get the added benefit of being able to utilize H!VE Partner products with their current distribution systems.”

Ravi Jain, CEO of EGAR Technology, says, “EGAR’s goal is to provide seamless connectivity between our technology and the necessary data to our customers. This alliance will allow EGAR’s and HyperFeed’s products and customer support to become completely compatible, creating the most efficient service possible.”

“HyperFeed attracted us as a partner with technology delivering direct exchange feeds as well as over-the-Internet market data subscriptions, allowing our clients to benefit from low-latency data and shorter product deployment cycle,” comments Allen Zaydlin, President of InfoReach.

HyperFeed’s H!VE Program allows unparalleled access to standards-based exchange information and related services to its customers for facilitation of complete solutions among providers with close relationships. The five types of H!VE Partnerships include: Joint Product Partners, Alliance Partners, Network Service Provider Partners, Technology Partners and Content Contributor Partners.

About HyperFeed Technologies, Inc.

HyperFeed’s ticker plant technology and financial exchange managed services are designed specifically to support the delivery of real-time data, data management, data reporting, and value added services for use in distributing and receiving financial content with a competitive edge. Beginning with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse needs of the financial equities industry, the Company applies advanced technologies to the processing, delivery, distribution and access to financial market data. HyperFeed(r) offers one of the fastest, most complete and reliable managed exchange platform services that can be used with industry-leading APIs, third-party applications or online desktop solutions.

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About HyperFeed’s MEPS

HyperFeed’s MEPS are a complete turnkey solution for the normalization, data-basing, integration and transmission of high performance, real-time data sources from exchanges, content providers and proprietary in-house sources. MEPS provides direct access to all North American exchanges and offers a complete set of data cleansing and management tools for remote or on-site use. It provides adaptors to a number of widely used middleware platforms and can be used collectively as a complete solution or individually to augment the functionality of other vendor system products.

About EGAR

EGAR Technology combines excellence in technology with capital market expertise to create sophisticated trading and risk management systems and solutions. EGAR’s applications offer cutting-edge, integrated and standalone front-, middle- and back-office trading and risk management systems. Additionally, EGAR has pioneered modular software – granting firms of all sizes the efficiency of a custom-built system with the affordability of off-the-shelf products. EGAR has built a global reputation for its user-friendly systems, which increase efficiency without sacrificing complexity. EGAR has created solutions for some of the world’s most important financial services firms, including ABN-AMRO, Alfa Bank, Bear Wagner, Carr Futures, CIBC, Fimat (Soc Gen) and many others.

EGAR Technology, Inc. was formed in March 2000 with the acquisition and merger of Intermark Solutions, a trading and risk management system firm, and Off-Site Development, a custom application development vendor. Today, EGAR has grown to over 140 technical and financial specialists worldwide, with a presence in New York, Moscow and Philadelphia.

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About InfoReach

InfoReach, Inc. is an innovative company focused on providing leading software solutions for the electronic trading of financial securities. Established in 1995 InfoReach promptly recognized industry technology trends and created its product line of EL-TRADER(tm) FIX launched in 1996 and EL-TRADER(tm) OMS launched in 1997. Our products offer open, scalable and flexible platform for a firm-wide order execution and management. Abundant features of EL-TRADER(tm) and committed support have made our technology a choice of major buy and sell side financial institutions.

InfoReach is a company with over 30 employees, offices in USA and Europe, and clients in every part of the world.

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