Global trading platform provider InfoReach is offering new technology to monitor and control risk in real time across a wide spectrum of firm-specific requirements for multiple asset classes.

The new configurable, real-time risk control technology protects against trading risk across markets, at multiple levels during the electronic trading process.

InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin said, “These automated risk controls make it possible for our buy- and sell-side clients to quickly and seamlessly apply a hierarchy of safeguards and oversight to all their electronic trading across asset classes.”

In order to thwart any risk during trading, the company has embedded the risk limit elements into its Trade Management and HiFREQ multi-broker trading systems, which covers orders originated manually, algorithmically, through API or FIX.

The system alerts the users on detecting risk and allows them to adjust trades or block the release of non-compliant orders, claims InfoReach.

It has also capability to set up risk limits for different categories including users, categories, instrument, position, unit and destination such as broker desk, algo and direct market access.

Averting typographical errors and adverse market impact by comparing the order against calculated average traded volume of the instrument, it also checks for duplicate, stale or runaway orders, and identifies orders that exceed a broker’s own internal risk thresholds.

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