InfoReach Eurex Low Latency Link
Ultra Low Latency Algorithmic Platform for Trading With Eurex


Eurex Low Latency Link is an ultra-low-latency algorithmic platform that gives quants and traders the ability to implement, test, and deploy highly optimal strategies for trading with Eurex Exchange. It provides necessary essential components, architectural foundation, performance and flexibility that enable users to focus on the business logic of their strategies.



Predictable and stable tick-to-trade latency (under 20 microseconds). Pure Java solution with the critical path of execution producing no garbage, minimizing thread context switching and synchronization, utilizing lock-free data structures, engaging CPU pinning, busy-waiting (spinning), and non-blocking i/o with kernel bypass.

Exchange connectivity

Highly optimal connectivity with Eurex ETI.

Market data

Eurex EOBI market data feed parsing and disseminating. Working with wire format and minimizing thread context switching. Market data recording and replaying.


Fully deterministic backtesting with controllable timeline and delays, engaging an internal matching engine.

Centralized monitoring and control

All state from the core processes is available asynchronously to other components of the system and to the feature-rich frontend.


Strategies can also be deployed in multiple processes and on multiple servers. If desired, one can use a separate instance for each individually traded instrument.

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