InfoReach Second Opinion
Interactive Pre/At/Post-Trade Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) Service

Improve execution quality, optimize trading strategies and reduce transaction costs with enhanced, interactive analytics

InfoReach Second Opinion™ is an interactive, enhanced transaction cost analysis (TCA) service, software that can help you optimize trading strategies, improve operational efficiency and performance in trading. It provides real-time, pre-trade, at-trade and post-trade analytics that factor in virtually all of the variables that can affect trade outcomes-including each particular day's volume, volatility and market trends. Its interactive format helps traders choose the best strategy at any point in time, in any market, under any condition, and allows them to adjust execution strategies even at the point of trade. 

Second Opinion also monitors real-time markets as well as the progress of each trader's intended execution and informs the trader of any changes in pre-trade assessments. Based on market conditions, it re-estimates all projections and updates the trader every 15 minutes-enabling the trader to adjust the course of trade execution based on what the market is actually doing that moment. 

Clearly above and beyond the traditional TCA program, Second Opinion is a next-generation tool that can help trading firms optimize trading strategies, maintain competitive positioning and achieve superior performance. Read on to learn how your firm can benefit from adding this service to your trading arsenal.

TCA Integrated into EMS 

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