Algorithmic trading
Algorithmic Trading of InfoReach TMS

The InfoReach TMS was designed from day one to automate the routine and trade-intensive activities of traders for greater efficiency. 

So to facilitate algorithmic trading, the TMS includes a suite of pre-built popular algorithms out-of-the-box. InfoReach makes the source code for the execution strategies available to our clients, thus making customization of the pre-built strategies a quicker and simpler process. 

Through the TMS, traders also can access more than 500 execution algorithms from more than 50 global brokers and other third-party providers for multiple asset classes. 

Additionally, customers can use the TMS to create, back-test and deploy their own trading strategies. Our optional “HiFREQ” module provides a flexible algorithmic engine for the creation and deployment of high-frequency strategies.

Other features of InfoReach TMS