InfoReach, Inc. Introduces Pay-Per-Use Trade Management System ( )
InfoReach, Inc. unveiled a new concept in broker-neutral ASP trading systems: Pay-per-use
Nexa Technologies, Inc. Debuts New Trading Platform ( )
InfoReach, Inc. Provides Nexa Technologies with Addition to its Trading Technology Product Line
InfoReach Inc. Launches New Version of Trade Management System; New Release Adds Significant New Functionality ( )
InfoReach Inc. announced the launch of version 7.0 of its flagship trade management system, InfoReach TMS
The Trade. Penny wise and pound foolish ( )
Tighter technology budgets on the dealing desk do not have to equate to less efficiency, argues Peter van Wely, head of Inforeach Europe.
InfoReach TMS Expands Global Trading Connectivity Network; Delivers Real-Time Alerts For Network Counterparts' Availability Status ( )
Broker-neutral trading platform now routes to 140+ global trading destinations for equities, futures and options, FX dealers and ECNs
Best Execution Guide to Low Latency 2010 ( )
You can never stand still because no matter how many thousands or millions of dollars you spend creating the infrastructure...
WIRED. Investigation: The business of high-frequency trading ( )
InfoReach, a company specialising in trading technology, has platforms capable of handling more than 10k orders per second
E-Forex. InfoReach expands connectivity network ( )
InfoReach now provides connectivity to foreign exchange liquidity from Thomson Reuters, ICAP's Electronic Broking Services (EBS) and J.P. Morgan
Institutional Investor. TABB Survey IDs Most Popular Trading Systems ( )
TABB Group researchers have identified the specific electronic trading systems likely to be found at the largest buy side trading desks
HedgeWorld. Buy Side Steps Up, and Streamlines: TABB Group Study ( )
HedgeWorld. Buy Side Steps Up, and Streamlines: TABB Group Study
Marketsmedia. Prop Traders Seek Flexible Platforms ( )
InfoReach has designed its technology to be implemented rapidly and with maximum flexibility
Wall Street Letter: InfoReach extends connectivity to Russia ( )
InfoReach is expanding its global footprint and is extending its connectivity to Russian markets through MICEX-RTS, according to a spokesperson for the firm
Increased Electronic Trading in Futures Means Major IT Upgrades Needed ( )
InfoReach expanded its trading platforms to provide FIX-based multi-leg order capabilities for cross-asset derivative futures contracts and options trades
FOW Intelligence: InfoReach boosts risk control for algorithms ( )
InfoReach enhanced risk control functionality for electronic derivatives trading, which will help firms to implement pre-defined risk checks
Banking Business Review: InfoReach presents enhanced electronic trading platform risk controls ( )
InfoReach is offering new technology to monitor and control risk in real time across a wide spectrum of firm-specific requirements for multiple asset classes
Wall Street Letter: InfoReach adds fixed income trading, market data tools ( )
InfoReach has added fixed income trading to its platforms, as well as trade blotter customization and capabilities to further manipulate market data
InfoReach Integrates "R" Language and Bloomberg Data ( )
Electronic trading technology provider InfoReach has announced it has integrated the R programming language and Bloomberg data with its trading platforms
InfoReach Outlines Results of TMS Integration with R Analytics Language ( )
InfoReach integrated the R programming language into its Trade Management System (TMS)
Financial News: InfoReach launches electronic bond trading via Nasdaq ( )
US technology vendor InfoReach has added fixed income markets to its trading network
Wall Street & Technology: InfoReach Adds Fixed Income E-Trade Connection to Nasdaq eSpeed ( )
Electronic trading of US Treasuries is on the rise, driving demand for connectivity
FOW Intelligence: InfoReach teams up with Nasdaq OMX eSpeed ( )
InfoReach has added a new fixed-income trading functionality together with Nasdaq OMX eSpeed
The Trade. Tech Update: InfoReach grows fixed income offering with link to eSpeed ( )
InfoReach is rolling out its fixed income trading capabilities with a direct connection to Nasdaq OMX’s eSpeed platform
The Trade. The BIG idea. Decision support: A call to action ( )
InfoReach offers a decision-support tool that helps investors pinpoint moment-to-moment market opportunities to capture short-term alpha
InfoReach Showcases Decision Support Tools at TradeTech Equity Trading Conference in Paris, April 8-9, 2014, Booth #79 ( )
InfoReach Showcases Decision Support Tools at TradeTech Equity Trading Conference in Paris
InfoReach Adds Interfaces for 'R' Language and Bloomberg Data to Global Trading Platforms ( )
Clients gain streamlined access to vital trading tools and data through single trading dashboard
InfoReach Expands Global Connectivity and Hosting Infrastructure with Equinix ( )
InfoReach has opened three new data centers in strategic locations to offer clients faster and more efficient trading performance
All-new InfoReach Prelude delivers more power for less cost and no worries ( )
Prelude global EMS offers immediate deployment with advanced functionality for thousands of dollars less per month than other EMSs
InfoReach Introduces Low-Cost, No-Risk Global Trading Platform ( )
InfoReach is eliminating the worry, risk and unnecessary costs that can arise when choosing an EMS for institutional trading and analysis
Wedbush Securities: Lime Brokerage Partners with InfoReach ( )
Lime Brokerage announces that its execution platform has been added to the InfoReach Sell-Side and Buy-Side trading platforms
InfoReach Newsletter: Multi-legged order. Enhances risk control tools. A new approach to transaction cost analysis. TradeTech London 2013 ( )
Multi-legged order. Enhances risk control tools. A new approach to transaction cost analysis. TradeTech London 2013
Magma Trading USA, LLC has been added to the InfoReach trading platforms ( )
Magma will provide InfoReach clients access to US equity liquidity found through the Magma technology platform
Brokereach Launched ( )
InfoReach Relaunches Free Web Trading Application with Enhanced Design, Tools and Broker Integration
Free Brokereach Login to Backup Multi-Asset Trading ( )
InfoReach Offers Brokereach, Web-Based EMS, Product for Free as a Back-Up Trading Solution
12 Tips for Choosing the Right Futures Trading Platform ( posted by )
Learn how to choose the right futures trading platform for your firm. InfoReach has 12 things to consider before you choose your next futures trading platform
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