InfoReach FIX Engine - Low-Latency FIX Engine - Financial Information Exchange Engine
An enterprise-strength solution for companies who plan to use the FIX protocol for electronic financial information exchange of financial data, STP
FIX Engine Architecture - Architecture ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
FIX Engine is the products’ core component. Its main responsibilities are connectivity management, FIX session maintenance, and FIX message handling
FIX Metadata Editor - FIX Metadata Editor ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
FIX Metadata Editor is a convenient way of managing user-defined, as well as protocol-standard FIX fields and FIX messages
FIX Log Analyzer - FIX Message Log Analyzer ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
Message Log Analyzer enables users to run user-defined queries against the FIX messages that are stored in the database
FIX Message Composer - FIX Message Composer ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
Message Composer allows users to create and send FIX messages over FIX connections
FIX Message Monitor - Message Flow Monitor ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
Message Flow Monitor displays the FIX messages that are going through the FIX engine in real-time
In Depth - Features ( InfoReach FIX Engine )
InfoReach is devoted to maintain its leading position in the growing FIX Engine technology