Message SettlementObligationReport (BQ)

The Settlement Obligation Report message provides a central counterparty, institution, or individual counterparty with a capacity for reporting the final details of a currency settlement obligation.

Added in protocol FIX.5.0

See in: FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2.

Field or Component Name Description Is Required Added Is Deprecated
Block StandardHeader MsgType = BQ Y FIX.5.0
Block ApplicationSequenceControl FIX.5.0
715 ClearingBusinessDate FIX.5.0
1153 SettlementCycleNo Settlement cycle in which the settlement obligation was generated FIX.5.0
1160 SettlObligMsgID Unique identifier for this message Y FIX.5.0
1159 SettlObligMode Used to identify the reporting mode of the settlement obligation which is either preliminary or final Y FIX.5.0
58 Text Can be used to provide any additional rejection text where rejecting a Settlement Instruction Request message. FIX.5.0
354 EncodedTextLen FIX.5.0
355 EncodedText FIX.5.0
60 TransactTime Time when the Settlemnt Obligation Report was created. FIX.5.0
ImplicitBlockRepeating SettlObligationInstructions Y FIX.5.0
Block StandardTrailer Y FIX.5.0