Message QuoteStatusRequest (a)

The quote status request message is used for the following purposes in markets that employ tradeable or restricted tradeable quotes: • For the issuer of a quote in a market to query the status of that quote (using the QuoteID to specify the target quote). • To subscribe and unsubscribe for Quote Status Report messages for one or more securities.

Added in protocol FIX.4.2

See in: FIX.4.2, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2.

Field or Component Name Description Is Required Added Is Deprecated
Block StandardHeader MsgType = a (lowercase) Y FIX.4.2
649 QuoteStatusReqID FIX.4.3
117 QuoteID Maps to: - QuoteID (117) of a single Quote - QuoteEntryID (299) of a Mass Quote. FIX.4.2
Block Instrument Conditionally required when requesting status of a single security quote. FIX.4.3
Block FinancingDetails Insert here the set of "FinancingDetails" (symbology) fields defined in "Common Components of Application Messages" FIX.4.4
BlockRepeating UndInstrmtGrp Number of underlyings FIX.4.4
BlockRepeating InstrmtLegGrp Required for multileg quotes FIX.4.4
BlockRepeating Parties Insert here the set of "Parties" (firm identification) fields defined in "Common Components of Application Messages" FIX.4.3
BlockRepeating TargetParties Can be used to specify the parties to whom the Quote Status Request should apply. FIX.5.0SP1 (85)
1 Account FIX.4.3
660 AcctIDSource FIX.4.4
581 AccountType Type of account associated with the order (Origin) FIX.4.3
336 TradingSessionID FIX.4.2
625 TradingSessionSubID FIX.4.3
263 SubscriptionRequestType Used to subscribe for Quote Status Report messages FIX.4.3
Block StandardTrailer Y FIX.4.2