Field TradeAllocIndicator (826) - FIX Protocol FIX.5.0SP2 EP240

Type: int

Identifies if, and how, the trade is to be allocated or split.

Added in protocol FIX.4.4

See in: FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2.

Valid values

Value Description Added
0 Allocation not required FIX.4.4
1 Allocation required (give-up trade) allocation information not provided (incomplete) FIX.4.4
2 Use allocation provided with the trade FIX.4.4
3 Allocation give-up executor FIX.4.4 (4)
4 Allocation from executor FIX.4.4 (4)
5 Allocation to claim account FIX.4.4 (4)
6 Trade split FIX.5.0SP2 (141)