Field TaxAdvantageType (495) - FIX Protocol FIX.5.0SP2 EP240

Type: int

For CIV - a code identifying the type of tax exempt account in which purchased shares/units are to be held. 30 - 998 are reserved for future use by recognized taxation authorities 999=Other values above 1000 are available for use by private agreement among counterparties

Added in protocol FIX.4.3

See in: FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2.

Valid values

Value Description Added
0 None/Not Applicable (default) FIX.4.3
1 Maxi ISA (UK) FIX.4.3
10 Employee - current year (US) FIX.4.3
11 Employer - prior year (US) FIX.4.3
12 Employer - current year (US) FIX.4.3
13 Non-fund prototype IRA (US) FIX.4.3
14 Non-fund qualified plan (US) FIX.4.3
15 Defined contribution plan (US) FIX.4.3
16 Individual Retirement Account (US) FIX.4.3
17 Individual Retirement Account - Rollover (US) FIX.4.3
18 KEOGH (US) FIX.4.3
19 Profit Sharing Plan (US) FIX.4.3
2 TESSA (UK) FIX.4.3
20 401(k) (US) FIX.4.3
21 Self-directed IRA (US) FIX.4.3
22 403(b) (US) FIX.4.3
23 457 (US) FIX.4.3
24 Roth IRA (Fund Prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
25 Roth IRA (Non-prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
26 Roth Conversion IRA (Fund Prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
27 Roth Conversion IRA (Non-prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
28 Education IRA (Fund Prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
29 Education IRA (Non-prototype) (US) FIX.4.3
3 Mini Cash ISA (UK) FIX.4.3
4 Mini Stocks And Shares ISA (UK) FIX.4.3
5 Mini Insurance ISA (UK) FIX.4.3
6 Current Year Payment (US) FIX.4.3
7 Prior Year Payment (US) FIX.4.3
8 Asset Transfer (US) FIX.4.3
9 Employee - prior year (US) FIX.4.3
999 Other FIX.4.4

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