Field MsgType (35) - FIX Protocol FIX.5.0SP2

Type: String

Defines message type ALWAYS THIRD FIELD IN MESSAGE. (Always unencrypted) Note: A "U" as the first character in the MsgType (35) field (i.e. U, U2, etc) indicates that the message format is privately defined between the sender and receiver. *** Note the use of lower case letters ***

Added in protocol FIX.2.7

See in: FIX.4.0, FIX.4.1, FIX.4.2, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2 EP240, FIXT.1.1.

Valid values

Value Description Added
0 Heartbeat FIX.5.0SP2
1 TestRequest FIX.5.0SP2
2 ResendRequest FIX.5.0SP2
3 Reject FIX.5.0SP2
4 SequenceReset FIX.5.0SP2
5 Logout FIX.5.0SP2
6 IOI FIX.5.0SP2
7 Advertisement FIX.5.0SP2
8 ExecutionReport FIX.5.0SP2
9 OrderCancelReject FIX.5.0SP2
A Logon FIX.5.0SP2
AA DerivativeSecurityList FIX.5.0SP2
AB NewOrderMultileg FIX.5.0SP2
AC MultilegOrderCancelReplace FIX.5.0SP2
AD TradeCaptureReportRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AE TradeCaptureReport FIX.5.0SP2
AF OrderMassStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AG QuoteRequestReject FIX.5.0SP2
AH RFQRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AI QuoteStatusReport FIX.5.0SP2
AJ QuoteResponse FIX.5.0SP2
AK Confirmation FIX.5.0SP2
AL PositionMaintenanceRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AM PositionMaintenanceReport FIX.5.0SP2
AN RequestForPositions FIX.5.0SP2
AO RequestForPositionsAck FIX.5.0SP2
AP PositionReport FIX.5.0SP2
AQ TradeCaptureReportRequestAck FIX.5.0SP2
AR TradeCaptureReportAck FIX.5.0SP2
AS AllocationReport FIX.5.0SP2
AT AllocationReportAck FIX.5.0SP2
AU ConfirmationAck FIX.5.0SP2
AV SettlementInstructionRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AW AssignmentReport FIX.5.0SP2
AX CollateralRequest FIX.5.0SP2
AY CollateralAssignment FIX.5.0SP2
AZ CollateralResponse FIX.5.0SP2
B News FIX.5.0SP2
BA CollateralReport FIX.5.0SP2
BB CollateralInquiry FIX.5.0SP2
BC NetworkCounterpartySystemStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BD NetworkCounterpartySystemStatusResponse FIX.5.0SP2
BE UserRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BF UserResponse FIX.5.0SP2
BG CollateralInquiryAck FIX.5.0SP2
BH ConfirmationRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BI TradingSessionListRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BJ TradingSessionList FIX.5.0SP2
BK SecurityListUpdateReport FIX.5.0SP2
BL AdjustedPositionReport FIX.5.0SP2
BM AllocationInstructionAlert FIX.5.0SP2
BN ExecutionAcknowledgement FIX.5.0SP2
BO ContraryIntentionReport FIX.5.0SP2
BP SecurityDefinitionUpdateReport FIX.5.0SP2
BQ SettlementObligationReport FIX.5.0SP2
BR DerivativeSecurityListUpdateReport FIX.5.0SP2
BS TradingSessionListUpdateReport FIX.5.0SP2
BT MarketDefinitionRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BU MarketDefinition FIX.5.0SP2
BV MarketDefinitionUpdateReport FIX.5.0SP2
BW ApplicationMessageRequest FIX.5.0SP2
BX ApplicationMessageRequestAck FIX.5.0SP2
BY ApplicationMessageReport FIX.5.0SP2
BZ OrderMassActionReport FIX.5.0SP2
C Email FIX.5.0SP2
CA OrderMassActionRequest FIX.5.0SP2
CB UserNotification FIX.5.0SP2
CC StreamAssignmentRequest FIX.5.0SP2
CD StreamAssignmentReport FIX.5.0SP2
CE StreamAssignmentReportACK FIX.5.0SP2
D NewOrderSingle FIX.5.0SP2
E NewOrderList FIX.5.0SP2
F OrderCancelRequest FIX.5.0SP2
G OrderCancelReplaceRequest FIX.5.0SP2
H OrderStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
J AllocationInstruction FIX.5.0SP2
K ListCancelRequest FIX.5.0SP2
L ListExecute FIX.5.0SP2
M ListStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
N ListStatus FIX.5.0SP2
P AllocationInstructionAck FIX.5.0SP2
Q DontKnowTrade FIX.5.0SP2
R QuoteRequest FIX.5.0SP2
S Quote FIX.5.0SP2
T SettlementInstructions FIX.5.0SP2
V MarketDataRequest FIX.5.0SP2
W MarketDataSnapshotFullRefresh FIX.5.0SP2
X MarketDataIncrementalRefresh FIX.5.0SP2
Y MarketDataRequestReject FIX.5.0SP2
Z QuoteCancel FIX.5.0SP2
a QuoteStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
b MassQuoteAcknowledgement FIX.5.0SP2
c SecurityDefinitionRequest FIX.5.0SP2
d SecurityDefinition FIX.5.0SP2
e SecurityStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
f SecurityStatus FIX.5.0SP2
g TradingSessionStatusRequest FIX.5.0SP2
h TradingSessionStatus FIX.5.0SP2
i MassQuote FIX.5.0SP2
j BusinessMessageReject FIX.5.0SP2
k BidRequest FIX.5.0SP2
l BidResponse FIX.5.0SP2
m ListStrikePrice FIX.5.0SP2
n XMLnonFIX FIX.5.0SP2
o RegistrationInstructions FIX.5.0SP2
p RegistrationInstructionsResponse FIX.5.0SP2
q OrderMassCancelRequest FIX.5.0SP2
r OrderMassCancelReport FIX.5.0SP2
s NewOrderCross FIX.5.0SP2
t CrossOrderCancelReplaceRequest FIX.5.0SP2
u CrossOrderCancelRequest FIX.5.0SP2
v SecurityTypeRequest FIX.5.0SP2
w SecurityTypes FIX.5.0SP2
x SecurityListRequest FIX.5.0SP2
y SecurityList FIX.5.0SP2
z DerivativeSecurityListRequest FIX.5.0SP2

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