Field InstrAttribType (871) - FIX Protocol FIX.5.0SP2

Type: int

Code to represent the type of instrument attribute

Added in protocol FIX.4.4

See in: FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2 EP240.

Valid values

Value Description Added
1 Flat (securities pay interest on a current basis but are traded without interest) FIX.4.4
10 Original issue discount FIX.4.4
11 Callable, puttable FIX.4.4
12 Escrowed to Maturity FIX.4.4
13 Escrowed to redemption date - callable. Supply redemption date in the InstrAttribValue (872) field FIX.4.4
14 Pre-refunded FIX.4.4
15 In default FIX.4.4
16 Unrated FIX.4.4
17 Taxable FIX.4.4
18 Indexed FIX.4.4
19 Subject To Alternative Minimum Tax FIX.4.4
2 Zero coupon FIX.4.4
20 Original issue discount price. Supply price in the InstrAttribValue (872) field FIX.4.4
21 Callable below maturity value FIX.4.4
22 Callable without notice by mail to holder unless registered FIX.4.4
23 Price tick rules for security. FIX.5.0 (42)
24 Trade type eligibility details for security. FIX.5.0 (42)
25 Instrument Denominator FIX.5.0 (52)
26 Instrument Numerator FIX.5.0 (52)
27 Instrument Price Precision FIX.5.0 (52)
28 Instrument Strike Price FIX.5.0 (52)
29 Tradeable Indicator FIX.5.0 (52)
3 Interest bearing (for Euro commercial paper when not issued at discount) FIX.4.4
4 No periodic payments FIX.4.4
5 Variable rate FIX.4.4
6 Less fee for put FIX.4.4
7 Stepped coupon FIX.4.4
8 Coupon period (if not semi-annual). Supply redemption date in the InstrAttribValue (872) field. FIX.4.4
9 When [and if] issued FIX.4.4
99 Text. Supply the text of the attribute or disclaimer in the InstrAttribValue (872) field. FIX.4.4

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