Field OrdRejReason (103) - FIX Protocol FIX.5.0

Type: int

Code to identify reason for order rejection. Note: Values 3, 4, and 5 will be used when rejecting an order due to pre-allocation information errors.

Added in protocol FIX.2.7

See in: FIX.4.0, FIX.4.1, FIX.4.2, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2, FIX.5.0SP2 EP240.

Valid values

Value Description Added
0 Broker / Exchange option FIX.2.7
1 Unknown symbol FIX.2.7
10 Invalid Investor ID FIX.4.3
11 Unsupported order characteristic FIX.4.3
12 Surveillence Option FIX.4.3
13 Incorrect quantity FIX.4.4
14 Incorrect allocated quantity FIX.4.4
15 Unknown account(s) FIX.4.4
18 Invalid price increment FIX.4.4 (6)
2 Exchange closed FIX.2.7
3 Order exceeds limit FIX.2.7
4 Too late to enter FIX.4.0
5 Unknown order FIX.4.1
6 Duplicate Order (e.g. dupe ClOrdID) FIX.4.1
7 Duplicate of a verbally communicated order FIX.4.2
8 Stale order FIX.4.2
9 Trade along required FIX.4.3
99 Other FIX.4.4

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