Field SecurityType (167) - FIX Protocol FIX.4.2

Type: String

Indicates type of security (ISITC spec)

Added in protocol FIX.4.1

See in: FIX.4.1, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2, FIX.5.0SP2 EP240.

Valid values

Value Description Added
? Wildcard entry (used on Security Definition Request message) FIX.4.2
BA Bankers Acceptance FIX.4.1
CB Convertible Bond (Note not part of ISITC spec) FIX.4.2
CD Certificate Of Deposit FIX.4.1
CMO Collateralize Mortgage Obligation FIX.4.1
CORP Corporate Bond FIX.4.1
CP Commercial Paper FIX.4.1
CPP Corporate Private Placement FIX.4.1
CS Common Stock FIX.4.1
FHA Federal Housing Authority FIX.4.1
FHL Federal Home Loan FIX.4.1
FN Federal National Mortgage Association FIX.4.1
FOR Foreign Exchange Contract FIX.4.1
FUT Future FIX.4.1
GN Government National Mortgage Association FIX.4.1
GOVT Treasuries + Agency Debenture FIX.4.1
IET Mortgage IOETTE FIX.4.2
MF Mutual Fund FIX.4.1
MIO Mortgage Interest Only FIX.4.1
MPO Mortgage Principal Only FIX.4.1
MPP Mortgage Private Placement FIX.4.1
MPT Miscellaneous Pass-Thru FIX.4.1
MUNI Municipal Bond FIX.4.1
NONE No ISITC Security Type FIX.4.1
OPT Option FIX.4.1
PS Preferred Stock FIX.4.1
RP Repurchase Agreement FIX.4.1
RVRP Reverse Repurchase Agreement FIX.4.1
SL Student Loan Marketing Association FIX.4.1
TD Time Deposit FIX.4.1
USTB US Treasury Bill FIX.4.1
WAR Warrant FIX.4.1
ZOO Cats, Tigers & Lions (a real code: US Treasury Receipts) FIX.4.1