Message DontKnowTrade (Q)

The Don’t Know Trade (DK) message is used to notify a trading partner that an electronically received execution has been rejected. This message can be thought of as an execution reject message.

Added in protocol FIX.4.0

See in: FIX.4.1, FIX.4.2, FIX.4.3, FIX.4.4, FIX.5.0, FIX.5.0SP1, FIX.5.0SP2, FIX.5.0SP2 EP240.

Field or Component Name Description Is Required Added Is Deprecated
Block StandardHeader MsgType = Q Y FIX.4.0
37 OrderID Broker Order Id as identified on problem execution FIX.4.0
17 ExecID Execution Id of problem execution FIX.4.0
127 DKReason Y FIX.4.0
55 Symbol Y FIX.4.0
54 Side Y FIX.4.0
38 OrderQty Y FIX.4.0
32 LastShares Y FIX.4.0
31 LastPx Y FIX.4.0
58 Text FIX.4.0
Block StandardTrailer Y FIX.4.0