Newzdaq News Integration of InfoReach Sell-Side OEMS - TMSbd

Financial markets news, investing and trading are inseparable. News make investors change their investing focus, change in investing decisions trigger trading that in turn adds more news. News can have various impacts on financial instruments from both investment and trading point of view. Some news have positive some negative effect, some news have short term affect some long term affect, some present readers' and some convey writers' bios, some news have significant and some have almost imperceptible impact on trading.

It is relatively easy to keep track of the news while trading a handful of instruments. The same task turn into a daunting endeavor while executing 100's or 1000's of instruments since it is next to impossible to keep an eye on market, execution of that many securities while monitoring and interpreting the significance of news that pop up for various instruments, sectors and industries.

That is where integration of Newzdaq quantitative analysis of global news with InfoReach TMS comes to traders' and portfolio managers' rescue. Newzdaq had developed comprehensive quantitative news analysis technology that scans news in real-time. Further on Newzdaq server use historical market data and historical news feeds to attribute each news with various parameters, including bios, score, strength.

InfoReach TMS integrates with Newzdaq's feed and provides traders with a complete, real-time and interactive portfolio news map. This allows TMS to alert traders and portfolio manager to the areas of their portfolios where news have greater affect.

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