Bloomberg Integration of InfoReach Sell-Side OEMS - TMSbd

InfoReach Trading Systems Integration with Bloomberg Open Symbology

Integration with Bloomberg open symbology provides many benefits to the traders using InfoReach trading systems along with Bloomberg Terminal subscription.

  1. Traders can enter instruments using Bloomberg tickers.
  2. Bloomberg IDs are used to aggregate market depth across exchanges, ECNs and MTFs into a single book.
  3. With just a few clicks traders can make any Bloomberg data part of the traders’ desktop.
  4. Navigate Bloomberg Terminal right from the TMS application.
  5. Avoid additional market data fees by leveraging Bloomberg terminal data

Integrates with Bloomberg data

The TMS integrates with various data sources available from Bloomberg, including real-time market data, security master and historical tick data. TMS is compliant with Bloomberg market data entitlements and therefore eliminates the need to pay exchange market data usage fees multiple times.

Terminal navigation

InfoReach has integrated TMS with Bloomberg Terminal. This integration allows traders to navigate and invoke features and functionality right from the TMS Desktop.
In addition to the standard set of functions, TMS offers traders the ability to create their own Bloomberg Terminal call functions via action buttons and right-click menus for greater efficiency.

Bloomberg Trading Solutions integration

TMS integrates with the following Bloomberg Trading Solutions:

  • Asset and Investment Manager (AIM)
  • Sell-Side Execution & Order Management System (SSEOMS)
  • Execution Management System (EMSX)
Other features of InfoReach Sell-Side OEMS - TMSbd