InfoReach Prelude
Advanced Hosted Trading System at a Competitive Price


The no-risk, no-commitment EMS with enterprise-strength power and performance

Ideal for traders who do not require significant customization to their trading system, InfoReach Prelude provides advanced trading tools and functionality at a competitive price, without the commitment of a long-term contract.

Prelude is the pre-configured version of the InfoReach TMS (Trade Management System), our highperformance, low-latency platform for global multi-asset trade analysis, management and electronic execution. It consolidates the most sophisticated trade offerings in a single, multi-broker platform.

Immediate deployment on your terms

Prelude's unique pricing model eliminates the worry and risk commonly associated with most independent, broker-neutral trading platforms. And with a free trial period, free training and immediate deployment, we've eliminated the obstacles to putting high performance trading technology within your reach.

Prelude for Brokers: A new, low-cost way to capture more order flow without risk

Now brokers can offer clients a full-featured electronic trading system at a minimal cost on a month-to-month basis. Unlike transaction-based pricing, Prelude's revolutionary, allocation-based pricing model scales the monthly license fee across participating brokers according to the percentage of volume executed. And if your clients don't use it at all, no license fee is applied!

Simply put, InfoReach Prelude is first high-powered, global EMS to eliminate the unnecessary costs and risk of sponsorship for brokers. You're able to quickly offer your clients an enterprisestrength, FIX-compliant trading system without the need for costly development and ongoing IT support. It's the simplest, easiest and most cost-efficient way to stay competitive in today's global markets!

Quick Summary:

  • Global automated and manual trading of equities, options, futures and forex
  • Pre/in/post-trade analysis
  • Pre-built and broker provided algorithms
  • Powerful portfolio trading capabilities
  • Real-time position monitoring
  • Global FIX connectivity
  • Compliance reporting (sell side)

Global, Multi-Asset Class

Supports global, multi-asset, cross-asset trading of equities, options, futures and forex.

Broker Neutral

Single-Order, Basket and Multi-Day Basket Trading

DMA, Desk, Algorithmic and Manual Trading

Prelude includes a suite of pre-built execution strategies. As an independent, broker-neutral platform, Prelude also can provide access to algorithmic strategies from brokers and third-party providers around the world.

Pre/In/Post-Trade Analytics

Prelude provides real-time, pre/in/post-trade analytics that factor in virtually all of the variables that can affect trade outcomes-including each particular day's volume, volatility and market trends. Its interactive format helps traders choose the best strategy at any point in time, in any market, under any condition. Traders can adjust execution strategies even at the point of trade.

Real-Time Global Trade Management

InfoReach Prelude offers a real-time, consolidated view of all global trading positions for both instruments and accounts. Start-of-day positions also can be imported either automatically or on demand.

Order Types

Prelude supports most order types offered by trading venues.


Pre-trade, post-trade and real-time rule-based.


The extensive InfoReach FIX connectivity network allows Prelude users to route orders to more than 140 brokers, ECNs, MTFs, exchanges, ATSs, dark pools and other major sources of global liquidity for equities, options and futures trading. InfoReach TMS also connects to 15 of the world's largest FX dealers and banks. All with our signature reliability, low latency and high throughput.

OMS Integration

Prelude can establish FIX connectivity to OMSs, so traders can stage orders and receive executions in real time.

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